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Blackwater -

My nephew was a sharp-shooter in the Marines and received several medals and commendations for his skill.  He, long ago, outgrew the Marines, but he occasionally practices with a couple of target rifles at a range near his home.

Recently a Blackwater representative saw him there and offered him one million dollars, tax-free, for a year in Iraq.  He said, "No thanks".

It is important to realize that the Blackwater employees are not paying taxes, unlike those in the military who are paid so much less.  It is unbelievable.   One million a year, tax free.  I am so glad he would not even consider it, and I'm sure there are many who do.   We hire mercenaries, and pay them obscenely well, and they aren't there to defend the country, but to pocket a great deal of wealth.

No wonder the credibility of this country continues to sink, and Bush prefers to believe there are enemies out there.  He might look within.

Now there's a hole in which to sink.

A friend of mine teaches eighth grade at the middle school.  This year is a delight for her, because she teaches four classes a day, rather than five, and sees 100 children each day, rather than 125.  She said what a difference it makes.  Imagine if every teacher in this country could work less hours, and see fewer children, and be totally fresh and refreshed for and by those seen.   We have the money, but, instead we pay it out tax-free for a war entered on lies, and continued with lies.  How sad is that!   It makes Madame Butterfly seem like a comedy, and that it is not.

Let's sing for change, and insist that our tax dollars are spent wisely for the benefit of us.


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