Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Again, evening -

This morning I set out into my day with these words by Ajahn Brahm.  "Fear is finding fault with the future."

I'm sure Steve is fine and I felt concern so I walked miles today considering the fragility and preciousness of life.   People are so friendly here which I enjoy.

I walked along enjoying the decorations and seeing a good many of the NY sites.  I went to MOMA.  Wow.  It is certainly a trip, just the building is its own mind walk.  Because I enter the museum rather disturbed and concerned for Steve's health, I was surprised to feel myself settle when I looked at the paintings by Jackson Pollack.  I thought to myself that this is art.  My molecules rearranged.

Though the museum was crowded, I was able to have Matisse's Dancers and "Fish" by Brancusi to myself.  One can look out the windows of the museum and be part of the landscape of in and out.  The whole experience was one of in and out and all about.

I walked back through midtown, Soho, and Tribeca to Fulton, Church and Dey.  Steve and I had dinner and I went to the first act of Avenue Q.  It may have been my mood but it was not as funny as I had been led to expect.

I am amazed at the amount of picture-taking and recording that goes on here.  Even in the evening in Times Square, it is impossible to not be captured in a multitude of other peoples' shots.  Do people look at all these pictures?  Perhaps.

What I find amazing about NY is the landscape of buildings.  I am continually looking up to see how they are arranged.  Below, there is construction so one is involved continually in process and the people move along, and I move with them.  The energy streams.

Steve tells me that every truck that enters the World Trade Center site is inspected, even now.   There will be 210 million pounds of steel, all inspected.  I am realizing now I went into MOMA and was not inspected.  Amazing since it is so well-stocked with the best pieces of art.  Today was a good test of the importance of museums and art.  I was stretched and arrayed.

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