Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I am reading a book called Exile by Richard North Patterson.  It is fiction, but follows very closely the truth of the problems with the Israeli and Palestinian people.  It is brutal to read as finding a solution seems almost impossible, and, of course, we must find resolution and peace.

It is odd to read it here as I overlook the World Trade Center former site.  I remember enjoying a drink at Windows of the World.  I loved this place and walking along the river, and now, I watch people go in and out, back and forth to New Jersey, and the work for Freedom Tower seems to continue through most of the night.  They were definitely at work before seven this morning.  I don't know where to put it all, this need and desire for us all to get along and raise our children in peace and fulfillment.

Patterson does a great job of being "fair" to all sides in this problem of the Middle East.  One thing he warns against though is the Israeli practice of torture which now the US is taking up.  A new major for students in this country is "homeland security."  I don't even like the word "homeland," and now, we continue to speak of security which really seems to mean keeping people both in and out.

I was in East Berlin when there was still a wall.  It is not something I want to experience again.  It was more than creepy.

I feel like what most influences me in this visit is peace, a desire for peace, energized peace, conscious peace, the peace one gets when they look at an integrating piece of art.  Picasso wanted his art to disturb.  I looked at a great deal of it yesterday and wondered what he meant by that word "disturb."  Is to feel more alive disturbing?   How does each of us organize, interpret and perceive space and matter, and how do we differentiate the two, and are there two?

Anyway, I have much to occupy me today as I set out soon to stroll this end of the island.  My feet are swollen enough that even my most comfy shoes are tight and walking is the only way to see NY.  I loved yesterday where I discovered and uncovered.  I am enthralled.   May I be a mobile vehicle of peace for my little bit of movement of matter through space.

May each of us process the joy of life and untangle the maze to see that holding hands in peace is a possible way to be.

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