Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

Is there anything more delightful than waking to the sound of rain when it is so desperately needed, and waking early enough that you can still go back to sleep?   That is how I began my day.

I woke with a dream of being in the post office, and they had a new stamp, which showed a couple lounging in their beach chairs as a huge wave was engulfing the small native village to which they had come to relax.   We fly to a place to experience a rustic lifestyle, and in the process we ruin the place.  Even USA Today had a cover story last week that by 2050, unless we make some dramatic changes, our coral reefs will be gone.

Toni Morrison wrote that "If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it."

Entertainment can be that simple.  Surrender to your own entertainment center, and soar.

This morning I sat in a chair looking out at the branches of a tree.  The leaves are almost gone and I can see through, and my insides delighted to the shape and reach of each branch and the serene dance of the whole.  I was reminded of being in the roots of the sculpture outside Trinity Church in New York.

How much entertainment does one need?   The word nature comes from natus which means "to be born."

Take some time in nature.  Give some time.  Drink, and feed.   Nature offers even more than we need.   It is abundant with seeds, so gather the rhythm of the seasons, the rhyme, and toss vowels and consonants in the air, and watch them rise and fall.  Be generous with yourselves today.   Be a present unto yourself!

Cleanse in rain and sun, light and shade, air, and earth.   Feel the exchange of breath, in and out.



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