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Heart Happy

Carpe Moment

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I love life and welcome the maturing process with grace, joy and enthusiasm. I am married, with two grown sons, both of whom are also happily married. I believe in Santa Claus, which means I still hold out great hope for the world. I see myself as a citizen of the world and not just the United States.

I started here in October, 2005 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm fine now. This began as a way to stay in touch. Once begun, how could I stop, so I am still here posting when the mood strikes, which varies, as moods do. I live near the ocean and SF bay so am influenced by the tides and phases of the moon.

I have a website with a blog, though I go in and out of posting there too. For me, this question of honoring what percolates within and sharing it with others is ongoing, and to be examined each moment of the day. How do I balance internal and external? How can I more finely tune myself to balance both at once? I love to experiment and play. I believe in spontaneity and synchronicity. When I ask, I receive.

My new book, Love Letters to My Daughters-in-Law, is out in the world, and I'm deeply touched by the response. As with my book, Breast Strokes, there is a bond.

I love and appreciate this life I'm given, and I savor my contacts here. Birds sing and swing through the trees, as do we.