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Book Cover

The book is available.

My book, Love Letters to My Daughters-in-Law, went up on Amazon tonight.

How do I feel?  I don't even know.  My son has written me the most wonderful words about what the book means to him, and for the world.

Where do I put that?

I am in a place of unknowing, a place of reverence, a place of trust, a place of awe.

This book has been my current exploration and perhaps where I probe, will have meaning for you.   My intention is to create new ways for people to perceive the world, and in that, relate.  It's odd to know the book is done, except for honoring it by slowly letting people know it is here.

I attended a workshop on Saturday at Book Passage.  It was on self-publishing.  Phil Cousineau spoke.  He spoke about the "long conversation".  This is my addition to what we all share.